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Celebrating Pride Month with Joint Operations

Celebrating Pride Month with Joint Operations

While we are in the middle of celebrating Pride Month this June, our team at Joint Operations is working to raise awareness on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community. As we work to continually ensure our nation’s veterans receive safe, alternative treatment, we are also recognizing all of our lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, and queer allies that make that mission possible.


Today, we are sharing not only how Joint Operations is celebrating pride month, but how we are supporting it as well.


Campaigns with Purpose


While Pride Month in 2022 is more recognized than it has ever been, members of the LGBTQIA+ community are still facing threats of anti-legislation. For this reason, we feel as though we have an obligation to run our campaigns in a way that aligns with the foundational support that the community needs right now.


Joint Operations is placing an emphasis on how our campaigns will not just be focused on promoting our products, but also why those products are branded with a voice. We want to make it loud and clear that our hand-picked cannabis products are available for everyone, and our June campaign has the momentum to make that voice heard.


Acknowledging the History of Pride Month


LGBTQIA+ acceptance is growing more popular at an inspiring rate. Still, not many people who celebrate this historic month are actually entirely familiar with its history or why it even exists in the first place. Our team at Joint Operations is sharing some of that history to help raise awareness.


Gay Pride Month was originally established to commemorate the Stonewall riots of 1968 in Manhattan, New York in the US. At that time, LGBTQIA+ acceptance was at a fraction of today’s popularity, and violence and homophobic threats were substantially higher. Some even considered it to be a mental disorder.


On June 28th, 1970, the first official Gay Pride parade known as the “Gay Liberation March” took place in the streets of New York City. By 1999, for the first time, the federal government officially recognized June to observe and celebrate what will eventually become LGBT Pride Month by 2009, and LGBTQ+ month by 2021.


Recognizing Our Allies


The cannabis movement and the gay rights movement have always been heavily intertwined. For decades, cannabis has been used as a safe, alternative treatment for AIDS, which has disproportionately affected the LGBTQIA+ community. Due to the federal and local government’s failure to acknowledge that AIDS even existed, patients with AIDS turned to cannabis for relief.


Members of the LGBTQIA+ community seem to have always supported the cannabis movement. It is largely due to their activism and commitment to easy, affordable access to cannabis that we are able to deliver our products to our veteran community as we are today. Without our allies, medicinal cannabis may not be as easily accessible as it is during Pride Month 2022.


Key Takeaway


Pride Month is nationally recognized as a time to shine a light on the growing popularity and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community. We are committed to raising awareness by sharing what makes this month so important in our nation’s history and how the cannabis movement is directly intertwined. To all of our LGBTQIA+ members, we’ve proudly got your back in the battle for your basic human rights.


Joint Operations is committed to serving the veteran and LGBTQIA+ community with the highest quality, handpicked, and sought-out cannabis brands. What makes our products unique is the focus on the entire process, with state-of-the-art growing facilities and industry professionals with the intention and commitment to deliver outstanding quality.


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