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Highsman is here to bridge the gap between cannabis and sports culture by paving a path for athletes and fans to proudly own their relationship with marijuana. ‍ The seed for Highsman was planted years ago when Ricky chose authenticity over the common mindset about what it takes to be successful. He made his departure from professional football in 2004, and while many saw this as a deviation from greatness, Ricky was blazing a new trail towards the future he ultimately wanted.Ongoing scrutiny by the NFL and sports fans alike helped him define what his role would be in deepening the ties between sports and cannabis. It became his mission to educate people on the plethora of benefits associated with cannabis and eliminate any negative stigmas or false stereotypes that have existed from past generations. ‍ What does it mean to Spark Greatness? It’s something inherent within all of us, but the realization of that “Greatness” genuinely begins when you prioritize being true to yourself – no matter how you define it.